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Here at Headstrong, we love the versatility of the Australian Shepherd and compete in conformation, obedience, rally, and occasionally herding. It is our goal to raise dogs who are sound in mind and body and who can do it all, while being careful to maintain the breed standard.


I have always been an animal lover (especially dogs) and grew up watching dog shows on television. I fell in love with Aussies because of their versatility. In the summer of 2005 I purchased my first Aussie 'Riley' and six weeks later came home with a double-merle rescue, 'Radar'.


Riley taught me the good and the bad about the breed. He was smart - almost too smart - and challenged me every step of the way. Because I had to change things for him constantly in order to keep his attention, I learned to love the training process. He was the most stubborn dog I have ever met: hence the kennel name Headstrong.


Radar was partially blind in one eye because of his double-merle genes; he is a constant reminder for how careful we need to be while breeding and I cherish all he has taught me. In 2006 I purchased my first show dog 'Muddyfeet All or Nothing' and I jumped into the world of dog shows.


Please take a look at our home on the web. I take a lot of pride in how far we have come in the last 19 years and always love to hear from those interested in my dogs and the Australian Shepherd breed.

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