Colby's Offspring


AKC Ch Headstrong's Best Kept Secret 


Colby x Demi

Owned by: Riverlook Aussies 


GCh Vinelake's Parting Glance BCAT


Colby x Vista

Owned by: Nancy Ross, Tori Tarr, Vinelake Aussies


Headstrong's Gonna B a Mighty King


Colby X Booty

Owned by: Christine Banister & Headstrong


Headstrong's Raven


Colby x Booty

Owned by: Madeline Haley, Catherine Bertelli, & Headstrong


Headstrong's Tequila Keeps me Honest


Colby x Paisley

Owned by: Michael Roix and Headstrong


Oletown's Ghost Rider


Colby x Paisley

Owned by: Shelly Graziano

BOBp-Laura1- Heron.jpg

Robins Nest Blue Heron


Colby x Miriam

Owned by: Robins Nest Aussies


AKC GCh Gypse N Headstrong I'll Take U On at Riverlook


Dega x Mila

Owned by: Riverlook Aussies

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 7.40.50 PM.png

AKC/ASCA Ch Vinelake Headstrong Go For Broke


Dega X Vera

Owned by: Riley Lautenschlager

ASCA/AKC Ch Maine-ly Headstrong's Serendipitous


Boulder X Fly

Owned by: Catherine Gridley

Headstrong Race Me to Catori


Dega x Demon

Owned by: Regi Hall

Headstrong Tequila Sunrise


Dega x Demon

Owned by: Shelly Graziano

Oletown Ghost Rider


Colby X Paisley

Owned by: Shelly Grazaiano 

Vinelake's That'll Leave a Mark RN   NJP NAP NFP   RSA-O   JSA-E   GSA-N


Dega x Vera

Owned by: Courtney Huther